PH-300 Vertical Lifting Platform

The most efficient solution to overcome architectural barriers.

Vertical Lifting Platform - Axxess 4 All

Designed to eliminate architectural barriers, facilitate integration and provide full autonomy to persons with impaired mobility, Hidral designs and manufactures the open shaft PH-300 Vertical Lifting Platform for short distances.

The PH-300 Platform is the ideal solution for uneven flooring and guarantees access to private buildings and public ones such as residential properties.


  • Versatile. No pit required. 180º and 90º entrance layouts. Connects to a regular supply point.
  • Easy access – more independence for the user. Less entrance space is needed because of the ramp in the platform’s lower boarding area which rises vertically and acts as a protective element. This protection element is automatic. The upper-level entrance door can also be automated as an option.
  • Revamped design, enhanced integration with the surroundings. The glass-fronted door enables you to see whether the platform is in use from the upper or lower floors. The motorization is hidden in the door structure and the buttons are installed inside the frame with no additional visible wiring. The machine unit is integrated in a small cabinet located at the top in a discreet and functional fashion. Alternatively it can be installed in a separate area with no visual impact. The guide unit does not protrude above upper door level.


The lift can be installed inside buildings or outdoors. It is usually positioned in lobbies and entrances, next to the staircase into the building, where a free space for the installation of the platform shall be required. Outdoors, the electrical parts are supplied with IP54 protection, along with the platform, the guide unit and the upper door with high corrosion-resistant finishes.

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